Best Ways to Dress for Your Body Type

by Apoorva Malhotra
best way to dress as per body shape

Fashion trends keep changing and not everybody knows how to adapt to the ever-changing trends for their unique body types. Dressing right is not just about following the latest trends, it is also about choosing what suits you. In order to dress for your body type, you must know the styles that accentuate and highlight your best features. Depending on your body type, you can find clothes that will flatter you best. There are a myriad of options when it comes to clothes and styling, so you will always be able to find something that will complement your body type. All body types and beautiful, and you can accentuate your best features by learning how to dress for your body type. Read this article and check out the styling tips suitable for your body shape. 

How to Dress for your Body Type

Apple Shaped Body

The apple shape is also referred to as a circular or round body shape. In this body type, the person has a full bust, narrow hips, and a wide torso. If you have an apple-shaped body and want to know how to dress for your body type, then read on. 

First, you need to take away attention from your middle section because it is already full. To do so, stay away from low-cut bottoms and high-cut tops. Also, avoid wearing thick belts and dresses that cling to your midsection. 

The upper body, especially the bust, is the best asset of apple body shape. Wear blouses and shirts that highlight your shoulders, bust, or neckline, in a tasteful manner. For balancing out your upper body, you need to dress in clothes that add curves and fullness to your hips and legs. A-line skirts and wrap dresses will provide the perfect balance to your hips and torso. 

Hourglass Shaped Body

If you have an hourglass-shaped body then it means that your body is curvy, the waist is well-defined, and the bust and hip are uniform and nearly equal in size. If you have an hourglass-shaped body, then read on to learn how to dress for your body type. 

Those with an hourglass figure should stay away from bulky and boxy styles and go for lighter fabrics. The hourglass shape is all about accentuating your waist and neckline. You need to find clothes that celebrate your curves and well-tailored silhouettes. 

Tops and dresses that are nipped at the waist will help you highlight your curves. Fit and flare dresses and peplum tops will never disappoint you. 

To lay more emphasis on your bust and neckline, go for V-necks, scoop necks, and boat necks. On the other hand, adding jackets, belts, and trench coats can help you show off your waist. 

Pear Shaped Body 

If you have a pear-shaped body, then it means that you have heavy hips that are wider than your bust and shoulders. The body type is also characterized by a designed waist. If you are a pear-shaped woman, then you apply the tips given below and learn how to suitably dress for your body type. 

Women with pear shaped bods should find clothes that highlight their slim waists. This can be attained by wearing fitted tops and bodycon dresses. 

By going for flared pants in high-waist style, pear bodied women can even ace their work-from-home fashion. Similarly, when it comes to jeans, you should opt for stretch jeans as they will hug your curves. 

Additionally, if you want to wear shorts to beat the summer heat, then wear a size up. As a result, the fabric will skim over your bulky parts and highlight your narrowest. To achieve the perfect balance, choose a darker colored bottom and lighter colored tops. For instance, you can pair your black skinny jeans with a light blue t-shirt. 

Rectangle Shaped Body

A rectangle-shaped body, also known as athletic body type,  is characterized by straight hips and a relatively straight body line. The bust, waist, and hip measurements are similar to each other. Rectangular women will find it easy to dress for their body type. 

Firstly, you need to prune your wardrobe and discard the dresses that make you look stockier. Do not wear tops and t-shirts that end near your waist. If your top is longer, then pair it with a bomber jacket or denim jacket. Also, avoid tucking your tops and shirts into your pants, especially if your stomach is bulging. Instead of opting for body-hugging clothes, wear clothes that are skimming. To make your waist look smaller, wear dresses with puffy sleeves and full skirts. By wearing shirts with wide or scooped necks, you can bring attention to your prominent collar bones. Clothes with large and bold patterns will help you show off your assets. 

Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

The inverted triangle body type is heavier on the top, with broad shoulders and chest. The lower body, i.e. the hips and bottom, is slimmer and rather flat. 

 After you have identified your body shape, you can find the perfect dress for your body type. When it comes to dresses, you should go for flared dresses as they will help draw attention to your hips. Similarly, peplum tops and balloon pants will provide more volume to your hips. On the same note,  you can wear shirts that are loose at the waist. Wearing vertical lines will help you minimize your shoulders and bust to a certain level. To make your shoulders look slimmer, you can opt for v-neck or u-neck tops. By pairing a darker colored top with a lighter colored bottom, you can create a slimming effect. 

The above styling tips will help you dress for your body type. Remember, all bodies are beautiful and there are so many ways in which you can highlight your best features!

Do you have any tricks to help you dress according to your body shape and type? Let us know in the comments below!

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