Work From Home Outfit Ideas to Flaunt Your Inner Diva

by Apoorva Malhotra
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Shedding the office dress code and slipping into something relaxing can be one of the best advantages of working from home. However, after a week or so, the allure of wearing PJs and oversized, comfy tees start to fade. For some individuals, dressing up even for remote working can instill a sense of normalcy. Thus, we bring to you some amazing work from home outfit ideas from fashion experts.

Work From Home Outfit Ideas

Even though employers may not care about what you wear as long as you get the work done, there are several benefits of getting dressed for work (see below). Hence, to help you with the same, here are some work from home outfit ideas that work like a charm:

Collared Tops

Naturally, your top wear is the most visible garment during conference calls and you should, therefore, put some thought into it. Collared tops ooze professionalism like no other dressing item. For an even more authoritative appearance, throw on a cardigan or a blazer. Conversely, for a fun and casual approach, you can wear an unbuttoned Oxford shirt or plaid flannel over a t-shirt.

High-Waisted Leggings

Every woman appreciates a pair of leggings that go well with everything – from shirts to oversized sweaters. They are much more comfortable than jeans and allow enough room and freedom to let your legs breathe and move around. At the same time, getting a pair in black, cream, khaki, and white will keep things professional without letting anyone in on your comfortable secret.

Chunky Knitwear

Cute, chunky knitted tops are lightweight and breathable. Slipping into one gives off a cozy vibe. Plus, all the models on Instagram are showing off their chunky sweaters, so why shouldn’t you? Considering how it has emerged as a fashion statement, it would be a crime to not include it in this list of work from home outfit ideas.

Colorful Blouses

Add a splash of color to your next Skype meeting with some vibrant colorful blouses. With summer around the corner, a few full-sleeved silk or sheer blouses will not only be stylish and weather-appropriate but also liven up the work virtual atmosphere. Be mindful of the colors that you choose as they may affect your mood and productivity. Warm shades promote activity and are great if you wish to get hustling. On the other hand, cool shades are more relaxing.

Denim Jeans

Get your hands on a pair of stretchy denim jeans and enter ComfortLand. Regardless of whether your office had a rule against denim jeans, now is a good time to pull up a pair and button them on. Denim jeans go well with almost anything – be it collared shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, or silk blouses.

Plain T-shirts

Plain t-shirts are comfortable yet have a professional look about them. Whether it is crew neck or v-neck tees, t-shirts reflect that you have put in some amount of thought and effort in picking out your attire. Pair a plain t-shirt with your favorite denim and you can pull off the business-casual look.

Funky Pullover Sweatshirts

Slip into statement sweatshirts, which are a cozier alternative to full-sleeved crew neck tees. You could endorse a famous band or go for something that is colorful or straight-up psychedelic! Alternatively, you could stick to something conventional like black, grey, and cream and wear it over a pair of leggings or trousers.

Wrap Dresses

Just because you may be working from home, who said that you cannot go all out and put on a summer dress? Try out our work from home ideas of donning a cotton wrap dress. Dresses are not only low maintenance but they are highly useful for getting ready in crunch time.

Additional Tips to Getting Ready for Those Zoom Sessions

Apart from the work from home outfit ideas stated above, here are a few tips to get ready as you work remotely:

  • Feel free to apply some light makeup to complement your wardrobe. Apply some moisturizer and even out your skin tone with a concealer. A touch of mascara and blush can give you a no-fuss, no-makeup appearance.
  • If you feel that formal dressing may appear too phony, you can embrace business casual.
  • Don’t forget the power of accessories. Whether you choose a statement piece or a simple necklace, accessorize to add a dash of pizzaz to your getup.
  • Wearing shoes could trick your mind into believing that you are geared up for work. You don’t necessarily have to lace up but switch to slip-on shoes for a balance of style and comfort.
  • Experiment with your personal style and tastes, but remember to not go overboard.

Reason to Dress Up Even as You Work Remotely

Upon going through our work from home outfit ideas, you may wonder ‘Why should I bother?’

Well, here are some ways through which dressing up, even for remote or work from home, can benefit you psychologically:

  • Working on your professional image not only evokes respect from your clients or colleagues but also enhances your self-worth.
  • Studies indicate that your clothes give a boost to your performance and productivity.
  • Even though you may not be attending office, dressing up for work indicates that you comply with the work culture that follows a dress code.
  • Following a dress code helps create boundaries that separate your work life from your professional life.
  • Your clothes affect your mood, and as such, dressing up can get you in the “work mode”
  • Getting dressed for work makes you feel fresh and clean, while also maintaining the illusion of a normal routine. As a result, you can alleviate any mental health issues that may affect you during isolation.

Clearly, dressing up for work is the new “normal.” We hope that with these work from home outfit ideas, you can show the best version of yourself to your colleagues and clients. Always remember, even though you may be working from home, it still classifies as working. So remember to dress for success!

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