Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas: DIY Ideas for Last-Minute Gifts

by Apoorva Malhotra
valentine's day craft ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Buying the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone can be difficult during the era of social distancing and staying at home. If you haven’t been able to buy a Valentine’s day gift, either due to lack of time or finances, you can try these DIY gift ideas and add a personal touch to the gift. Here are the best last-minute Valentine’s day craft ideas.

Message in a bottle

If you are running out of time and supplies both, then don’t worry. This cute, romantic gift has got you covered. Here’s one of the non-fussiest and quickest Valentine’s day craft ideas for the last minute.
Simply cut out small strips of paper, and write love notes on them.
Roll them up, and tie them with a string or ribbon (go for red to vibe with Valentine’s day spirit). Now, take any glass bottle or mason jar, and place the tiny love scrolls in it. If you have the time and supplies, then you can also decorate or embellish the bottle.

Love Bookmarks

If your special someone is a bibliophile, then you should definitely make a bookmark as a Valentine’s day gift. You can personalize the adorable heart bookmark as well. Here’s what you need to do:
Simply fold an Origami paper in half and cut the paper along the fold.
Take one rectangular sheet and fold it in half lengthwise.
Open the rectangular sheet up, and the fold line should be visible in the center.
Fold both sides of the paper against the folded line in the middle.
Flip the paper, and tape the two halves together.
Fold the top and corner portions wherever needed to form a heart shape.
Your heart-shaped bookmark is ready now. You can add a message to it or decorate it with glitter, stickers, etc.
You should note that this is one of those Valentine’s day craft ideas that will be enjoyed by all bookworms.

Clay Heart Key Chain

This gift is not only budget-friendly, but it can also be personalized as per the gift-receiver’s liking. You can get creative with it and even use paint to add finishing touches.
To make this keychain,
Simply roll out some polymer clay. You can add colors to it as well and cut it in a heart shape using a cookie cutter.
Now, cut a hole at the top, and bake it in a preheated oven at 375 F for 20 minutes. Allow it to cool down before moving on with the next step.
Now, slide in the ring for the keychain, and you’re all set.

Scented Candle Holders

Are you looking for Valentine’s day craft ideas for home decor enthusiasts? The mason jar candle holder will make a great gift for your Valentine’s day date. It is easy to make and can be color coordinated for any occasion. You just need a few mason jars, tea light candles (you may use fragrant ones), and ribbon. Carefully put some sand or shells into the mason jar. Now, place a tea light candle inside it, and press it down a bit to secure it.  Tie a ribbon around the jar and make a bow. You can light up the candle while enjoying dinner with your date.

Handmade Cards

The rose is red, the violet’s blue. Here’s a lovely card that is just for you!

Handmade cards are more meaningful, personal, and attractive than store-bought ones. They are unique, heart-touching, and have a lot of scopes.  You can easily make a DIY Valentine’s day card with just a few pieces of paper. If you have kids, then you can get them involved in the process too.

Breakfast in Bed

Oh, you can never go wrong with the classic breakfast in bed! You do not have to be a Michelin star winning chef to start the morning on the right foot. All you need are basic kitchen skills to make some tea (brownie points if you can try some unique tea recipes), a finger-licking good snack, or a lip-smacking low-calorie dessert. And considering that this year’s Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday, a power-packed breakfast can set you up a lazy Sunday at home with your loved one.

Try these Valentine’s day craft ideas and surprise your loved one with a heartfelt gift. These DIY gifts will help you show the love of your life how much they mean to you.  Enjoy the season of love!

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