How to Cope with Summer Heat and Humidity

by Apoorva Malhotra
summer heat

Scorching summer heat, coupled with high humidity, spells nightmare. Apart from being hard on our health, hot and humid weather also screws up our mood. If you live in a tropical region, then it can be challenging to cope with summer heat and humidity. The following tips can help you stay cool and comfortable on hot and humid days. 

Tips to Help Your Cope With Summer Heat and Humidity

Staying out in the sun, especially when the humidity is quite high, is likely to cause exhaustion and lethargy. Here is a look at the measures you can take to stay comfortable when the mercury skyrockets. 


While it is important to stay hydrated throughout the year, it becomes even more essential when the temperatures are soaring. To cope with summer heat and humidity, it is best to drink plenty of fluids to hydrate your skin. However, you should avoid consuming caffeinated and alcoholic drinks in hot and humid weather. 

Dress Light

In order to survive the summer heat, stick to light, breathable fabrics. Avoid wearing clothes made from polyester, and opt for natural fibres such as linen and cotton. Moreover, you should dress up in light-coloured outfits as they reflect heat rather than trapping it. 

Eat Summer Fruits

If you consume hot food items during the summer and monsoon season, your body temperature will get raised. Instead, to cope with summer heat and humidity, eat fresh fruits. Summer fruits will not only keep you cool but will also help you lose weight. 

Rest and Relax

Rather than sulking about the heat and humidity, you should give yourself a break and take this opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. To cope with summer heat and humidity, you can pamper yourself with DIY face masks and apply a protective layer of sunscreen. 

You can beat the summer heat and humidity and teach yourself tricks to help you function better in such weather conditions. Keep yourself hydrated and take necessary precautions to protect yourself and feel more at ease. 

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