7 Indian Celebrities Who are Mental Health Advocates

by Apoorva Malhotra

Indian celebrities almost have a God-like status amongst their followers. As a result, everything that they endorse has an influential effect on their fans. While there have been a few who have attracted negative attention and criticism for their actions, there are several others who are using their fame for good. For instance, consider the cases of Indian celebrities who are mental health advocates. 

A few Indian celebrities have been normalizing discussion of mental health problems and starting a dialogue around it. Some have even shared their personal experiences and struggles with mental health issues and are encouraging others to speak up as well.

So let’s check out the Indian celebrities who are inspiring us as mental health advocates!

Deepika Padukone

Naturally, our list of Indian celebrities who are mental health advocates would start with Deepika Padukone, who took the brave step of breaking the silence around silent killers like depression. As someone who has been struggling with mental health herself, Deepika opened about getting diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and clinical depression while shooting for Happy New Year.

Initially, she would brush it off as work-related stress but after being encouraged by her mother, she finally sought help. After the diagnosis, Deepika decided that she no longer wanted to hide her issues and started “The Live Love Laugh Foundation” that offers community support to those struggling with anxiety and depression. The website of the foundation contains several resources to help everyone break the stigma.

Anushka Sharma

With a diverse medical family background, one would not be surprised to know that Anushka Sharma has no qualms in talking about her mental health. She actively talked about her anxiety on Twitter and amassed a lot of support and love from her fans.

For her, dealing with anxiety is equivalent to stomach pain or any other regular ailment. You find out that something is wrong with you, you visit a health professional, and you take medication and necessary care! She believes that nobody should hide their struggles and suffer alone.

Priyanka Chopra

While Piggy Chops may be busy slaying Hollywood and Bollywood, everything has not been smooth sailing for her. Everyone knows about how she overcame the Bollywood outsider tag to emerge as the most sought-after actor.

PeeCee, who suffers from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and depression, was one of the earliest Indian celebrities to open up as mental health advocates. She partnered with Facebook to flag off the #SocialForGood campaign that attempted to break the stigma around mental health.

Manisha Koirala

After a successful career in Bollywood, Manisha Koirala went on an indefinite career break for several reasons. To begin with, her marriage fell apart within a short period of two years. Soon enough, she was diagnosed with cancer and had to fly to New York for treatment.

Naturally, it all had a cumulative effect on her mental health as she got diagnosed with clinical depression. While she is in a better mental headspace now, she continues to rank highly as Indian celebrities who are mental health advocates.

Ileana D’Cruz

While most of us would kill to have a body like Ileana D’Cruz, she struggled immensely to accept and love herself. Ileana struggles with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, anxiety, and depression, which once even drove her to contemplate suicide! For her, the support from her friends and family has played a crucial role in coping with the tough times.

She is extremely active in the mental health circles and attends several seminars and conclaves that attempt to break the stigma. She encourages everyone to follow a healthy diet with a blend to exercise to live the best version of themselves.

Rahul Dravid

During his entire cricketing career, Rahul Dravid has been no less than a gentleman. However, when one comes to know that this well-spoken intellectual is also in the ranks of Indian celebrities who are mental health advocates, you fall in love with him a little bit more!

He has been quite vocal about the pressures of being a sportsperson in a highly competitive world and how it can wear down on your mental health. Stressing upon the importance of mental health breaks, he has been vocal about his support for self-care on and off the field. 

Rahul is an active member of the Royal Rajasthan Foundation that flagged off the three-part mental health series called “The Royal Conversations – Mind, Body, and Soul.”

Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi is a timeless actor and television presenter. In addition to being a fitness icon, she has been unapologetic in embracing her true and authentic self. Interestingly, she is also one of those Indian celebrities who are staunch mental health advocates. She recently penned a book Happy For No Reason with Satyadev Barman, which talks about physical and mental health wellbeing.

During the lockdown, Mandira Bedi started a conversation about how she had an asthma attack while watching a video while quarantining. As a result, she started a discourse on how isolation is making us more lonely. She has been actively sharing tips on how to stay positive despite circumstances. Moreover, she and psychologist Dr Prerna Kohli are a part of the #SafeSPACES campaign that is attempting to help individuals to deal with anxiety and stress.

While these Indian celebrities are mental health advocates, some of them also struggle with their own mental health issues. This fact comes as a wakeup call to those who think that money, fame, and everything else promises happiness and mental wellbeing. All of us are battling with something or the other, so let’s stay kind and help everyone in every possible way!

Which of these Indian celebrities who are mental health advocates do you follow or look up to? Have we missed anyone in the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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