Budget-Friendly Staycation Ideas To Try With Your Family

by Apoorva Malhotra
budget-friendly staycation ideas

Do you want to get away from all the humdrum of life, but cannot go on a vacation due to the COVID-19 pandemic? If you want to rest and relax in the summer, without busting your budget, then you can consider a staycation. Aside from being inexpensive, staycations are less stressful and highly rewarding. It is an amazing option to unwind and reset without having to worry about booking flights, hotel reservations, planning itineraries, and packing. Try the budget-friendly staycation ideas mentioned below and create long-lasting memories. 

Best Budget-Friendly Staycation Ideas For Your Family 

Movie Marathon 

Watching movies is one of the best family quarantine activities. Why not take it up a notch by planning a movie marathon? Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Disney and Pixar films, and Toy Story are some of the best options for a movie marathon with family. We also have a list of classic Bollywood movies that you can check out.

You can also set-up a home theatre to recreate the movie theatre experience. For making the movie night more fun, try these tips: 

  • Turn off all the lights, and draw up the curtains for simulating the darkness of a movie theatre. 
  • Make sure you have loads of popcorn and soda. 
  • You can set up a ticket counter and make “tickets” for your children. 
  • Have your partner act as the usher to maintain the unruly kids. 

Have an Indoor Picnic

While outdoor picnics are relaxing and fun, indoor picnics can be just as awesome. To have an epic picnic experience, you just need a spacious area, a carpet/mat, and a basketful of food and drinks. Simply clear some space in the living room and place a mat. If you have indoor plants, then arrange them around the carpet to get the outdoor vibe. You can also get crafty and make some origami birds, and butterflies to decorate the picnic area. Fill up the basket with summer fruits like mangoes, watermelon, and pineapple. Not only are these healthy, but they are also perfect picnic foods. 

Build a Fort

If you live in small spaces, and cannot set up an indoor picnic, then you can build a blanket fort. Making a blanket fort is amongst the most budget-friendly staycation ideas. You can also have your kids build the fort, while you take care of snacks. Just grab some sheets, and create a cozy fort out of it. Pop in a couple of cushions, and get your comfortable place to hang out. You can add fairy lights or string lights for a more aesthetic touch. Play some soothing music and light scenic candles for enhancing the mood. 

Have a Hobby Day 

Everybody has hobbies, but not everyone has time for them. Why not carve out an entire day to enjoy the hobby that you love. Simply note down the favorite hobbies of your family members and get the necessary supplies. If your kids are younger, you can create activity sheets for them. Considering that this is amongst the budget-friendly staycation ideas, allot a budget on each family member’s hobby supplies to ensure that no one consumes all of the staycation funds. Also, if any or all of the family members and interested in trying a new hobby, then go ahead and try it. 

Hold a Cook-off

Does your whole family love great food? You can try holding a cook-off. If you do not have enough ingredients, then you can try 3 ingredient recipes for this challenge. Cook-offs are not only fun, but they also allow you to try something new. It is one of the most budget-friendly staycation ideas as it can cost you next to nothing. However, if you want to explore new cuisines or other types of cooking, then you may have to purchase the required tools and ingredients. 

Set up a Spa

You do not have to head to a luxurious resort to get a spa treatment. If you are in desperate need of rest and relaxation, then simply treat yourself to a relaxing spa day at your home. Simply devote a day to recreate the spa atmosphere at home. Find relaxing spa music, grab a diffuser or light an aromatic candle to set the mood. Get some towels, massage oils, tissues, and get started. There are several at-home beauty treatments that you and your family can try. 

Board Game Tournament

If you are trapped indoors, then you must have grown bored of TV by now. Board games are the best way to pass time with your family and bond with them. Simply prep your favorite snacks and break out all the board games. Never underestimate the entertainment value of an intense game of Ludo. To stimulate your mind, you can play something more challenging like Chess. It is one of the most fun and practical budget-friendly staycation ideas for your family to explore. If you do not have board games, then you can download free apps or play them online. 

The above budget-friendly staycation ideas will not only help you pass time but you will also make loving memories. Spend this time with your loved ones to build healthy relationships and let them know how important they are to you!

How have you been killing time and connecting with family members? Let us know in the comments below!

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