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9 things to do when home alone

When your home is becoming your whole world and socializing has taken a back seat due to corona lockdown, here are few things you can take up to pass time and not get bored being home alone.

Scroll through the list of activities suggested below and find an activity that suits your mood while being home alone.

1) Read a Book

Book lovers!!!!! It’s time to have that smell of the books lying on your bookshelves and catch up on reading. This will help you get distracted, at least for some time from the coronavirus updates. This is the right time to go back to your hobby which somehow got sidelined because of our busy schedules. Reading while being home alone helps you to relax, it reduces your stress level, improves your knowledge and vocabulary.

Click on this link for a list of good books 

Reading a book

2) Go ahead and experiment in the kitchen

Cooking is known to be one of the best stress-busters. It’s fun to do on your own, or along with your family. It’s a wonderful way to bond. Whether you bake a cake, make a simple milkshake, or a fruit salad, remember that you are creating lasting memories, all while inculcating healthy eating habits in your family. You’ll pass hours away in the kitchen with a big smile on your face.

cooking/kitchen experiments

3) Create some art/ Doodling

Whether you have picked up a paintbrush before or you are a first-timer, drawing while being home alone is the best fun and relaxation activity that can be taken up. There are a number of benefits associated with drawing, it can help you visualize and look at the things around you differently, explore your creative side, helps increase concentration, great stress buster. In a way drawing is a form of therapy/meditation. 

creativity/ doodling

4) Board Game nights

Board games are also another leisure activity that can be taken up. While there are a lot of solo board games one can enjoy at home alone and also games for the family. From playing poker, UNO, Monopoly to computer games one can indulge in these games and have a blast gaming. Also, if you have a PSP or fuss ball nothing like that….. 

board games

5) Take up E-learning

Being home alone in the current lockdown situation is also prompting e-learning course learners. There are a lot of courses you can enroll yourself online. This also includes learning a new language like Spanish or French. The Online course allows you to browse through a variety of topics and take up a topic of your choice that too in a more comfortable environment and can resume at any time of the day rather than classroom learning. This can be an add on to your current career profile. 

Online course/E-learning

6) Gardening

Staying close to nature is always a good option. So, when you can’t step out of your home due to coronavirus scare, you actually can try your hand at gardening when home alone. Try indulging in terrace gardening or placing small potted plants in the balcony. You can also try decorating your favorite corner of the home with small miniature plants. This helps to lighten up your mood and is a delight to your eye. 

home gardening

7) Pamper Yourself

Pampering yourself is always a must thing to too as you need to sit back and breathe. While the coronavirus outbreak must have restricted the salon and spa visits, you can try your hand at a relaxing time with bath salts and scented candles. The moment you climb into a bubble bath is the moment you forget why you hated spending time alone. Even if you turn into a couch potato and would like to stay on bed lazing around that is also a kind of relaxation one needs. So, go ahead and give yourself the much-needed pampering. 

pamper yourself

8) Exercise at home

Going to the gym is not possible now due to the coronavirus lockdown however, if you wish to keep yourself in shape you need to exercise at home. Climb those stairs up and down to strengthen your calf muscles, take up some cleaning, rearranging activity while involves lifting and placing from one place to another. This will keep your body in shape even while staying at home. 

exercise/yoga at home

9) Revisit your childhood memories

Personally, for me, the thought of revisiting my childhood always cheers up and uplifts my mood. The nostalgic thoughts of childhood are infinite and bring joy whenever we try to recall them. Those carefree days spent running around, chasing butterflies and making paper boats are so surreal and pure. It brings out the positivity in you and thus makes you feel good. 

childhood photographs

So, guys make the most of this time being home and doing things which otherwise you don’t get time to take up.

Do comment below and share pictures, experiences on the activity you choose to go ahead with. Also, if you like this page kindly share it with others.

Until then keep chirping!! 

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