Coronavirus Lockdown 2.0: Tips to Keep You Productive While Working From Home

by Apoorva Malhotra

As the battle against COVID-19 rages on, employees will have to continue working from home. While this change highlights how Work From Home opportunities are efficient, productive, and cost-efficient, some individuals struggle with staying motivated. If you are in one of those unproductive ruts, then we have just the tips to keep you productive while working from home!

Take a look at our list and pick out whatever works for you.

Here’s How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Here are a few killer tips on how to stay productive while working from home:

Suit Up

The initial few days of spending days in our jammies have been fun. However, you may also notice that it is hard to get work done when you are dressed so comfortably. Psychologists believe that clothes can affect the wearer’s behavior. So, take the time to pick out your clothes and get dressed for your home office. Getting dressed up in the morning sets your brain into the “work” mode, which means that you will remain productive throughout the day!

Keep to a Schedule

Keeping to a routine and following a timetable can help you keep your sanity during the lockdown. Start by planning in advance. Create a to-do list for the following day and assign the task priorities. Follow this by reserving the intensive tasks for the time when you feel most energized.

In the daytime, you may want to get some shut-eye for the period that you spend commuting to work. However, resist the urge to do so as oversleeping can hamper with your cognitive function. Wake up at your scheduled time and utilize the extra time to exercise, meditate, or simply to jam to your favorite song!

Have a Dedicated Workspace

Yes, the bed is comfortable, but it is for sleeping. Having a dedicated workspace can get you “in the zone” for getting work done! An ideal workspace is comfortable and ergonomic. Sitting at a desk and maintaining good posture can give you a sense of purpose and motivation. You may sit near a window or place a scenic painting nearby as it can help you stay focused. Our surroundings help us relax, which keeps us productive while working from home.

Combat Loneliness

Thanks to modern-day technology, you can stay in touch with your friends, family, and colleagues, even during isolation. Make use of tools like Zoom, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc. to schedule team meetings. Socializing under the pretext of work allows you to develop team spirit. 

While keeping your own mental health in check, touch base with your co-workers to see how they are coping. An occasional lunch or coffee with them will be a wonderful reminiscent of the times you spend together at work. And of course, your boss does not need to know about these breaks!


It has been a running joke that it took a complete lockdown for several individuals to get motivated to work on their health. Even though we may be confined to our homes, we must take this opportunity to work out at home. 

You do not need fancy home fitness equipment, a few jumping jacks or push-ups can get the serotonin levels flowing. Exercise, getting fresh air, yoga, or meditation not only makes you more productive while working from home but also boosts your self-esteem and working memory.

Learn or Acquire a New Skill

There is a great possibility that your work, which is normally flooding, has come down to a trickle due to the lockdown. This extra time means that you have more of it to focus on yourself. You could take up a skill or a hobby that may or may not be associated with your work. 

Clear up your to-do list that you may have been putting off indefinitely. Have a book that you wish to read? Want to take an IT course? Do you wish to catch up on the latest documentary? Give it all a try! You may never get such an opportunity ever again, so make the most of it while you can.

It is Okay to Get Distracted

Working at home exposes you to several distractions. Whether it is your phone, your kids, or your partners, it is almost impossible to stay focused. However, you can cut yourself some slack for getting distracted as long as it does not take up your entire day or derail you from your schedule.

Most importantly, if something else is taking up your attention, it is a good practice to leave what you are doing to prevent any mistakes. Step away, walk around, and collect your thoughts. Once you get back, you will find yourself more productive while working from home, even when compared to your performance at the office!

Create Boundaries

Even though you may be working from home, don’t allow it to consume you entirely. As stated previously, keep a strict schedule for working and separate it from your “Me Time.” Until and unless it is an emergency, avoid working beyond your hours so that you can give time to yourself. Utilize this time to prepare a healthy meal, take a walk on your terrace, or simply to watch cute cat videos online. Giving yourself breaks is the best way to limit stress and stay motivated.

If you find your productivity slacking while from home, try out the tips given above. These tips and tricks will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance, which will keep you interested in your work. Feel free to suggest changes or make recommendations to your teams that will add value to your organization.

Finally, work aside, remember to protect your mental health.  Reach out to friends and family if you feel like the lockdown is getting you down. Try to see the positive in the current situation and indulge in pleasurable activities. From trying out new recipes to learning household chores – everything can help you become a better and more self-reliant individual as we eventually step out of this situation.

Stay home and stay safe!

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