Learn How to Declutter Your Kitchen [With Tips!]

by Apoorva Malhotra
how to declutter kitchen

The quarantine life is upon us, and we are looking for ways to stay motivated and productive during the lockdown. However, after a certain point in time, you may run out of small, achievable chores. Eventually, it boils down to the tough jobs like carrying out DIY home renovations or struggling with how to declutter your kitchen. Would you power through, or would you perish?

At first glance, these tasks may appear impossible but can be easily overcome if you follow a strategy. Luckily for you, we have here a practical guide on how to declutter your kitchen in easy to follow ways!

A Snapshot on How to Declutter Your Kitchen

Everyone dreams of having a clean and spotless kitchen. But nobody wants to put in the elbow grease. Say goodbye to the dread that you may feel when you face a messy kitchen and follow the steps given below:

  • Start by segmenting your kitchen into sections. It’s quite possible that decluttering may take more than a few hours or even days (unless you are someone as passionate as Marie Kondo!)
  • Now that you have broken down the overall task into smaller goals, create a strategy to complete them one-by-one. For example, the extra herbs on your countertops can go in the pantry, and so on.
  • How to declutter your kitchen? Ask questions! For every item that you pick, ask yourself, Do I need or use this? Is this a spare item? Would I buy something like this today? There is a strong possibility that a chunk of your clutter comprises of things that are either unnecessary or not needed.
  • Next, be unashamed to remove anything that does not belong in the kitchen. Only keep the things that you use on a regular basis. Trash the expired perishable goods and store your cookbooks or extra utensils in a better location.
  • Finally, remember that a clean and organized kitchen is not a one-time achievement. Try to maintain it regularly, if not daily. You can also monitor your kitchen usage activities to target the habits that result in clutter buildup.

From the above, it becomes apparent that having a clearly-defined plan can help you declutter your kitchen!

The Golden Tips on Decluttering Your Kitchen

Are you pumped and excited to wage war on the clutter in your kitchen? Yeah! You should be!

But hold up, before you get started, here are a few more tips to keep in mind:

  • Place your foods and ingredients where you can see them so that you don’t end up making an extra purchase.
  • Make good use of your kitchen cabinets to store the items that feature infrequently (This also goes for fancy crockery or party supplies that you rarely use).
  • Consider hanging up your measuring spoons, cups, and other utensils on sturdy hooks.
  • Bin the cleaning supplies that you no longer use. If you have multiple bottles of the same product, combine them.
  • If you find it hard to stay motivated, time yourself, and make the process a fun-filled game!

With this knowledge of how to declutter your kitchen, organizing and maintaining your favorite place in the house is as easy as A, B, C!

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